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Skelly's Farm Market FAQs

Our farm is unique in what we offer and can sometimes be confusing trying to figure out what's in season, what it costs, and where to find us. We hope this list of frequently asked questions will answer all your questions!

When are you open?

Our farm is open to the public from approximately Memorial Day weekend through Halloween.

What are your hours of operation when in season?

Each season has varying hours. We are open daily, rain or shine. Strawberry season hours are 7am - 5pm daily. Sweet corn season and fall season hours are 9am -  6pm daily. When we are in between seasons, we shorten up our hours to be 9am - 5pm daily. It's best to check the top of our website menu to see what our current hours are.

What does it cost to come to the farm?

NOTHING! We do not charge an admission fee to simply walk onto our property. However, we do have a lot of cost to keep our farm open to the public. If you are visiting, we do ask that you purchase at least something small to help cover our cost to keep our farm free.

When you're open, what can I do there?

Every day our gift shop, bakery, and playground are open during regular business hours. Our gift shop features indoor and outdoor home decor, locally made items, kids toys, books, candles, and packaged food such as jams, salsas, and popcorn. Our bakery is known for our homemade cake donuts featuring our apple cider flavor. We also carry other items such as turnovers, muffins, cookies, ice cream, and coffee. Our playground is a unique one-of-a-kind area that has all hand-built play structures, fun for all ages! We have plenty of areas for sitting, relaxing, and wandering around.

Am I allowed to bring in a picnic lunch?

Unfortunately we do not allow any outside meals to be consumed on the property. We do offer a wide variety of snacks, beverages, and baked goods in our store. If you're not from the area and are looking for good places to eat, we can recommend a lot of tasty locally owned restaurants in the area. Just ask a cashier!

Am I allowed to bring my dog?

Yes! We are dog friendly. Any well-behaved dog can be brought to our farm on a leash and must be kept outside (not allowed inside our store). Please pick up after your dog. Service dogs are welcome inside our store.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit, and debit of all major companies. We do not accept personal checks. WIC checks are accepted on Wisconsin grown produce only. Sorry, EBT cards are not accepted.

Do you donate produce or other items?

We donate items all season long, but the application has to go through our website. To submit a donation request and for more information on our donation policy, click here.

Do you have animals on your farm? What about a petting zoo?

The only animals we have on our farm are fake rocking animals located on our playground. We stopped milking cows in the early 2000s and haven't had any live animals on our property since 2000 as we are now a fruit and vegetable farm.

I want to visit during strawberry season. When is that and what is there to do on your farm?

Strawberry season typically starts in mid-June and goes through the 4th of July. After that, we have a few days closer to mid-July of our late season berries that we have available as pre-picked quarts. We offer both pick-your-own strawberries and pre-picked quarts of strawberries in our store. The only location you can get berries is the farm since our roadside stands are not open yet. Our store, bakery, and playground area are all open during this time. Our regular business hours are 7am - 5pm daily. For current berry supply, click here. For prices and other FAQs about strawberries, click here.

I want to visit during sunflower season. When is that and what is there to do on your farm?

Sunflower season typically starts at the end of July and lasts around 2.5 weeks. There is an admission price to enter the sunflower field. For more information on what it all includes, prices, and events, click here. Our regular business hours are 9am - 6pm daily, with some evening hours on select days (see link above for info). Our store, bakery, and playground area all open during this time.

I want to buy some of your homegrown produce. When can I expect that and where do I go?

The majority of our homegrown produce is available from early July through August. Our sweet corn season typically starts around mid-July, which is when all of our roadside stands open. For exact locations of our stands, click here. For a complete list of all the items we grow and estimated prices, click here.

Are all the produce items you sell grown on your farm?

Nope, we do not grow everything we sell, and we specifically advertise locations of where certain items are coming from throughout the season. For example, we don't grow peaches, but we do get in some amazing Colorado peaches throughout the summer that some guests specifically request. If you're looking for a certain item, click here for a list of items we usually carry.

Is your farm organic?

We are not a certified organic farm, but we use the minimal amount of chemicals when needed to keep disease and pests out of our homegrown produce.

I want to visit during your fall season. When do all the cool activities start?

Our fall season kicks off Labor Day weekend with the opening of our two corn mazes. By mid-September our pumpkins and other outside fall decorations start to appear. Our wagon rides and apple cannons also open around mid-September. September is a lot slower as far as the number of guests on our farm and October is our busiest month of the year. For more information on our activities and prices, click here. Our fall season concludes and our farm closes for the year at the end of the day on October 31st.


Farm Rules

To help make sure every guest at our farm has a fun and safe visit, please respect the following rules:

  • Please show common courtesy to all guests and our staff by not using profanity or engaging in unsafe, illegal, disruptive, or offensive behavior. Set a great example for our guests both young and young at heart at our family friendly venue.

  • Proper attire must be worn at all times including shirts and shoes. We reserve the right to remove any person or ask for an apparel change of any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other guests. Visible tattoos that could be considered inappropriate, such as those containing objectionable language or designs, are not permitted. Any costumes should be in good taste and should never demean others.

  • For the comfort of our guests and due to fire safety on our farm, smoking, tobacco, and e-cigarettes are only permitted inside guest vehicles. Alcohol is not permitted unless at an approved private event with alcohol waiver.

  • We reserve the right to ask any guest to leave our property with or without refund if the circumstances so require.

  • No pets besides dogs are allowed outside of vehicles on our property. Dogs on a leash must play nice around others and are not permitted in our strawberry fields (and adjacent lots), store, or any food serving areas due to state and federal health codes. Please bring materials to clean up after your dog.

  • We remind you to always be proactive about your safety and the safety of all children in your care during your visit. Children under 14 should always be accompanied by an adult.

  • According to State of Wisconsin Statues: NOTICE: A person who observes or participates in an agricultural tourism activity on this property assumes the risks inherent in the agricultural tourism activity. Risks inherent in the agricultural tourism activity may include conditions on the land, the unpredictable behavior of farm animals, the ordinary dangers associated with equipment used in farming operations, and the potential that a participant in the agricultural tourism activity may act in a negligent way that may contribute to injury or death. The agricultural tourism provider is not liable for the injury or death of a person involved in an agricultural tourism activity resulting from those inherent risks. (Wisconsin State Ag-Tourism Liability Law 144.50.030).


For amateur and professional photography, see our photo policyDrones and piloting drones on our property is forbidden.

Prohibited Activities

  • Selling or reselling of goods or tickets without authorization.

  • Distribution of flyers or printed material of any kind.

  • Unauthorized events, demonstrations or speeches, or the use of flags, banners, or signs for business purposes or to incite a crowd.

  • Purposefully damaging any property, or acting in any unsafe way that could harm yourself, other guests, staff, our wildlife, or facilities.

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