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Strawberry Season Hours

The farm is open 7am - 5pm daily during berry season.

Pre-Picked Strawberries
Price: $6.25/quart, $24/4 quarts, $34/6 quarts

Pre-picked berries are available daily after around 7:30am. We pick fresh every morning to ensure the best quality. Berries are not always guaranteed to be available and we will post under our current picking conditions if supplies are running low or out. We do not take orders or pre-payments for berries. If you are unsure of the status of our berries, check the current picking conditions page or call the farm at 608-757-1200.

*Pricing valid for the 2022 season

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries
Price: $2.50/lb. (1 quart is approximately 1.5lbs.)

Pick-your-own berries are available daily unless otherwise stated on our current picking conditions page. Our driveway opens at 7am and fields close at 4:50pm every day. We supply boxes for you to use, and you will not be charged for the box. These boxes are designed so your berries will keep their excellent quality without getting squished. You do not need to bring your own container, but you are welcome to bring your Skelly box back for your next picking.

If you come to pick your own, make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Mornings are usually coolest, but the plants are usually wet from dew or occasionally from an overnight watering. Bugs are usually not an issue but it's always a good idea to bring a bottle of spray just in case. Plenty of water and a snack may also be a good idea (we do have a water jug at our berry bungalow if you need a refill). Our fields are never muddy since we have corn stalks covering our rows, so even if it just rained, our fields will be ready to go.

We do welcome pickers of any age or experience, but we ask that children pick with adult supervision. There is no limit on how little or how much you pick.

*Pricing valid for the 2022 season

Skelly Strawberries 101

Our strawberry season in southern Wisconsin lasts around 3-4 weeks early June through early July. We grow several different varieties of berries in order to extend our season as long as possible. Not all berries are created equal, as some characteristics that can change include size, color, shape, when it ripens, quantity produced, taste, plant difference, hardiness, and more. We have early varieties that are typically smaller but still pack a great flavor. We also have a late variety that ripens after every other variety is finished. These berries are typically ready mid-July and are only available at the farm as pre-picked for 2-4 days. Make sure you contact the farm or visit our picking status page for when these are available.

We are also at the mercy of the weather. Too much rain and the berries can be ruined. Not enough rain and too much heat and the berries ripen faster than we can pick. Not enough heat and the berries won't ripen fast enough and we might have to close our fields for a day. Winter weather can also affect berries since the plants are perennials. We could have a harsh winter that could ruin some plants or a warm winter that doesn't allow the plants to reach a dormant stage which is important for growth the next season.

Our strawberry beds are on a four-year rotation. We plant in April and that first year we do not harvest any berries. We will cut off all the plant's blossoms to ensure the plants grow large and establish a good root system. We will harvest the bed the second, third and fourth year. After the fourth year, we will till it under. With our rotation now, we plant a new bed of berries every other year. We currently grow around eight acres of strawberries.

Storage Tips

Keep in mind that our strawberries have a much shorter shelf life than the berries in stores that were shipped across the country. However, we have a much better flavor and texture. Here’s some tips to keep your berries fresh:

  • Store berries in a tightly sealed container such as Tupperware in your refrigerator as soon as possible.

  • Do not wash or clean your berries until you are ready to use them.

  • Do not stack berries more than three layers high in a container to prevent squishing.

  • Use berries within three days or less. Our berries are much softer and juicier than berries in the grocery store, but that means they must be eaten quickly.

  • Do not leave your berries in your car for a long time. If you are planning on spending the day with us, pick your berries last before leaving. If possible on your way home, put them by a vent with the air conditioner turned on. The faster you can cool your berries, the longer they will keep.

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