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2024 Strawberry Prices

Pre-Picked Strawberries
$6.50/quart, $25.00/4 quarts, $36.00/6 quarts
Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

If you're contemplating visiting us to pick strawberries, watch this video and let us convince you it's worth it!


Pre-Picked Strawberries FAQs

What time are pre-picked quarts available at the farm?

  • Our farm opens at 7am, but we recommend waiting until closer to 7:30am for a better supply. Our picking crew is still hard at work at 7am and it takes time to get everything up to the store.

Are your berries picked fresh every day?

  • Yes! They are hand picked and hand sorted every morning.

Where can I buy pre-picked quarts of berries?

  • Only at the farm. Our roadside stands are not open during berry season and we don't have a large enough supply to sell them at the Janesville Farmers' Market.

Can I call ahead to place an order?

  • Unfortunately no. They are first come, first serve. For the best supply we recommend coming at opening. Our website is constantly updated, so if you're driving from a far distance, check our current berry status or call the farm 608-757-1200.

How long will my quarts last in the fridge?

  • We recommend consuming them or processing them within 24 hours of purchase. The varieties we grow are completely different from those you find in the grocery store and will not hold up long.

Any storage tips?

  • When you get home, immediately place your berries in the fridge in a tightly sealed container. DO NOT wash your berries until you are ready to consume or process them (quality will decrease if they sit after being washed!).

What are your hours?

  • Our farm is open 7am - 5pm daily during strawberry season. The pick-your-own field will open at 7am and close at 4:50pm. Please do not arrive sooner than 7am because our driveway is roped off and we can't have cars blocking the road.

Is there an admission price for picking our own?

  • Nope! We welcome everyone out to our fields for no extra cost but the delicious berries you bring home with you!

How do I know where to go to pick?

  • There will be numerous signs in our parking lot directing you where to go to find the picking field. You can drive right out to the field. Park your car along our beds and walk up to our picking bungalow. An employee will then explain where to pick in our field.

Do I need to bring anything?

  • We provide the carrier and box for you to put your berries in. We do recommend bringing sunscreen, bug spray (mosquitoes usually aren't a problem, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared), water bottles, and wearing tennis shoes.

Can I bring my dog picking?

  • Dogs are not allowed in the field but they are allowed outside on our playground area near the store. Service dogs are allowed picking but special instructions are required. Please ask an employee about where you can pick with your service dog.

If it rains before we plan to pick, will your field be muddy?

  • Nope! We have a corn stalk ground cover in between the rows. You might sink in a little bit if we got a lot of rain, but you won't have to worry about mud.

How many berries are in a pound?

  • We estimate that one quart of berries is approximately 1.5lbs. If you fill your box even with the top, it's approximately 10lbs.

What do I do when I'm done picking?

  • Bring your carrier and box back up to the berry bungalow and our employee will weigh your box. They will write down the weight on a slip that you will then take up to the barn cashier inside our building. You can drive your car back to our main parking lot at this time. We accept cash, all major credit cards, debit, and WIC checks. No personal checks. Make sure you leave enough time to browse our store before checking out!

Does your field ever close?

  • Yes, either due to weather or insufficient supply. We will close our field for heavy rain and lightning. We might also need to close to allow a full day of ripening. Always check our current berry status before driving out.

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries FAQs

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