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Pre-Picked Strawberries Status

Updated 6/17/2024, 3:42pm

On late afternoon Monday, we are down to the last few flats of pre-picked available. Supplies will more than likely be out around 4pm or shortly after. If you're coming between 4 and 5pm, call the store for our current supply. 608-757-1200. The season is winding down, so berries are smaller than at peak, but we are still picking a very tasty variety.

We will be picking again Tuesday morning.


Our pre-picked season is likely in the final 3-4 days or so, so make sure to get your fill soon!

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Pick-Your-Own Strawberries Status

Updated 6/17/2024, 8:30am

Pick-your-own will be open on Monday. Picking may be a little tougher with mostly small to medium size berries at this point of the season, but there will still be plenty to find.  We are now past the peak of the season, but there's still time to get your fill.

Picking will be open again Tuesday with similar picking.


Remember that local Wisconsin strawberries are different types than what you find in the grocery store. Even during the best picking of the season, they will be smaller than a grocery store berry, but they more than make up for that with a softer texture and lots of flavor.

Upcoming Berry Supply

Updated 6/17/2024

The season is moving along quickly. We should have both pre-picked and pick-your-own daily for the next couple days, but always check this page before visiting to make sure supplies are still good, as they can change quickly during a day depending on the number of strawberry lovers who visit that day or the previous day. Picking will likely be winding down by this weekend. Pre-picked could end by mid-week (around the 20th), so stay tuned.

We typically have a very limited 1-2 days of pre-picked berries in early July with our special July berries. Supplies for those usually go VERY quickly, so make sure to sign up for our emails to stay in the know.

As a reminder, our roadside stands are not open during berry season. Berries are only available at the farm.


The season is nearing the end!

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