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Currently at the Farm

Our store, bakery, and playground are open daily 9am - 6pm. Sunflower season begins Saturday, July 27th!

SWEET CORN SEASON: Sweet corn is now available at the farm and all 8 of our roadside stands daily. Click here for exact driving directions to our stands.

SUNFLOWER SEASONOur sunflower field will be opening up on Saturday, July 27th! We hope to keep the field open through Sunday, August 11th but that all depends on Mother Nature. We have a TON of special events during this season and tickets can be found on our ticketing page. Make sure you secure your tickets now before they sell out! For more information on what our field is, click here.

HOMEGROWN PRODUCE UPDATES: We currently have homegrown sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and cucumbers at the farm and all 8 stands. Homegrown muskmelon and watermelon will be ready closer to early August. Homegrown green peppers are available sporadically now, call to ask about locations.

FRESHLY PICKED MICHIGAN BLUEBERRIES: We are currently getting deliveries once per week of freshly picked Michigan blueberries straight from the growers! They are absolutely delicious and will hopefully be available in bulk all throughout July and into August. We will have pints available at the stands daily, but at the farm you can also pick up 10lb. boxes ($40), and 4-pint containers ($13). Call the farm if you'd like to have us put some on hold for you 608-757-1200.

FRESHLY PICKED ILLINOIS PEACHES: We currently have some beautiful and delicious southern Illinois peaches for sale at the farm! They are being delivered to us just about weekly. Price is $3.00/lb. or buy a 25lb. box for $50!

SHIPPED IN PRODUCE UPDATES: We currently have potatoes, onions, plums (farm only), Romaine lettuce (farm only), and cherries.

JANESVILLE FARMERS' MARKET: Make sure you visit us every Saturday at Town Square 8am - 1pm at the Janesville Farmers' Market! Come shop our booth for our homegrown produce, delicious donuts, turnovers, muffins, and cookies!

EMAIL SIGNUP: Don't miss out on delicious homegrown produce when it's in season! Sign up for our email list and get all the latest information sent straight to your email.​

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