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Skelly's Sunflower Experience FAQs

What exactly is the sunflower experience? It's a 2.5 week season in late July/early August that features around 30 different varieties of sunflowers totaling 150,000 blooms in our 7 acre field! There are a lot of special events we have planned in a small period of time. Read below for more information.


What is the Sunflower Experience?

2024 will be our 7th year of planting sunflowers! We plant around 7 acres of beautiful sunflowers for you to walk through and enjoy. We have three special areas in our field: the walking area, the cutting area, and the specialty flower area.


Our walking area is around 5 acres and features "prop stops," 2 viewing platforms and so many opportunities for photos! We have signs directing you to prop stops and viewing platforms throughout our field. These prop stops are little areas cut out off the main path and include items you can use for picture props and backgrounds (examples: old tractors, ladders, rustic fences).


The cutting area is used only for picking out the best sunflowers for cutting to take home with you! At least one flower is included in your admission price (see below). The cutting area features over 10 different varieties of flowers for you to pick out your perfect bouquet from!


Lastly, the specialty flower area is around a quarter acre of around 30 different varieties of sunflowers and is located right at the entrance of the walking field. Enjoy multi-colored flowers, branching flowers, short and tall flowers and flowers with large and small heads! This area is not used for cutting. In 2023 we added a new "pollinator path" that features informational signs about sunflowers with a little fun kids activity at each stop!


When does the field open and how much does it cost?

We are aiming to open our 2024 sunflower field by the last week of July! It's usually open for around 2 to 2.5 weeks, depending on the weather. Watch for updates as we head through early summer!


2024 Admission Prices

Every guest age 4 and older must pay admission (3 and under are free). There are three admission levels.

  • Single Flower Experience: $9/child ages 4-12 or $12/adult ages 13+ includes admission to the field, 1 cut sunflower to take home, a choice of donut from our bakery, and 10% off sunflower gifts in our retail barn.

  • Bouquet Experience: $16/person includes admission to the field, 6 cut sunflowers to take home, a choice of donut from our bakery, and 10% off sunflower gifts in our retail barn.

  • Ultimate Experience: $30/person includes admission to the field, 12 cut sunflowers to take home, a galvanized bucket for your flowers, a choice of donut from our bakery, and 10% off sunflower gifts in our retail barn.

You do have the option to buy additional flowers to take home for $2/each or $6/6 flowers. We also sell galvanized pots at our admission booth if you'd like to purchase a nice vase for your flowers. Pots vary in price.

Professional Photography Policy in our Field

We welcome all sorts of professional photographers to our fields! You don't have to rent a certain space in our field. As long as every single person (including you!) pays admission, there is no other fee for photos. Please share some with us via Facebook messenger or Instagram direct messages! If you would like to take pictures around the rest of the farm, you will need to sign a waiver. Photographers are only allowed in our field during business hours. No trespassing in our fields before or after hours.


2024 Special Events Schedule

Evening Hours

*Tentatively* Scheduled for July 29th - August 7th

Enjoy added hours in our sunflower field in the evening! This is the only time of year when our farm is open in the evening, so it's also a great time to get some produce shopping done after work! The field closes at dusk (around 8pm) and our store closes at 8:30pm daily.

Date Night in the Sunflowers

*Tentatively* Scheduled for July 30th - August 6th

Bring your date out to the sunflower field and have a picnic dinner by the sunflowers! Date night includes: 2 admission tickets to our sunflower field (which includes 12 cut sunflowers!), a picnic basket, 2 sandwiches from Timber Hill Winery (along with a coupon for a free wine tasting at their brand new winery!), a choice of 2 beverages from our store, a plate of samples of Wisconsin cheese slices, sausage, crackers, samples of salsas we carry in our store, and tortilla chips to go with, and a coupon to redeem 2 single scoops of Cedar Crest ice cream (or split a bubble waffle dessert!) on your way out! You get to keep the picnic basket! All you have to do is stop up at the bakery serving counters, tell one of our staff members that you're here for date night, and they'll bring your basket out to you! Everything will be prepped and ready to go so you just need to unwrap, unwind, and enjoy! We suggest arriving around 5:30pm to pick up your basket. Our field closes around 8pm that evening (at dusk).​ Ticket price TBD.

**NEW** Swing Dancing on the Farm

Date and Time TBD

Donut Dash for the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin

Saturday, August 3rd at 8am

Do you like running? Do you like running so you can eat donuts at the finish line? What about running with your dog, then eating donuts, AND supporting a great local organization? For the second year, we are partnering with the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin to bring a 5k and 1 mile run/walk to the farm! Race time is at 8am (registration opens at 7am). Run or walk our routes through our sunflower field, on nearby roads, and around our strawberry beds. Don't forget to bring your dog with! All race participants will receive a bib number with time tracking (brought to you by Velocity Multi-Sport & Cycling), admission to our sunflower field, and an apple cider donut at the finish line. If you'd like to further support the HSSW, they are selling race t-shirts for $20 and will be collecting additional donations at sign up. Skelly's will be donating a large portion of each ticket to the Humane Society PLUS any extra field admissions that day we will also be donating $1 per ticket! If you don't want to race, come visit the field and support the Humane Society that way! Ticket price right now is ONLY $35!! This is the lowest price! Buy now to save! Ticket price increases May 1st.

Paint 'n Sip Coffee Classes

Thursday, August 1st at 6pm

Sunday, August 4th at 1pm

Join us for a fun paint-your-own sunflower canvas class! This class is led by a professional painter from Art-Vark Studios and you don't have to be a skilled painter to produce a beautiful canvas!​ Tickets are $45 each and includes all painting materials, professional step-by-step instruction, an admission ticket to the sunflower field, a cup of coffee (or other beverage), and a donut. Each class is approximately 2.5 hours long and spots fill up quickly! Don't delay your purchase!

**NEW** Cookie Decorating Class

Friday, August 2nd at 6pm

We're excited to bring Farmhouse Sweets out to the farm to host a sunflower cookie decorating class! Learn how the professionals do it! Ticket price is $45 which includes a 2-hour class, all cookie decorating supplies, 6 homemade cookies, and sunflower field admission. Seats are limited and we expect this class to fill up quickly!

**NEW** Circl Mobility Classes

Thursday, August 1st at 6pm

Saturday, August 3rd at 6pm

Get ready to move your body this sunflower season! We're excited to bring out Amy to lead a few Circl Mobility classes on the farm! Circl Mobility focuses on releasing the stiffness and tension to feel your best, improving balance and focus, and enhancing muscle activation and circulation. It's a similar style to yoga. Ticket price is TBD and includes a one-hour class and sunflower field admission.

Butterfly Releases

Saturday, August 3rd at 1pm and 2:30pm

Join us for a butterfly release at either 1pm or 2:30pm! For $18, your ticket purchased includes admission to our sunflower field and 1 Painted Lady butterfly. Each person will get 1 butterfly in a small envelope to release! We will have an emcee that will walk you through the steps as you let your butterfly go into the sunflowers. We will have up to 100 people releasing butterflies at once and we can't wait to watch them all fly away! Butterflies LOVE sunflowers, so they will thrive in their environment after release! You can purchase additional butterflies if you'd like. Price is $7/each.

Professional Photography Sessions with Kristal

Tuesday, July 30th 4pm - 8pm

Wednesday, July 31st 4pm - 8pm

Saturday, August 3rd 10am - 4pm

Sunday, August 4th 4pm - 8pm

We're currently working on a structure for this year's professional photo sessions. Stay tuned for prices and times.

Professional Photography Sessions with Amy

Friday, August 2nd 4pm - 8pm

We're currently working on a structure for this year's professional photo sessions. Stay tuned for prices and times.

Professional Photography Sessions with Ali

Thursday, August 1st 4pm - 8pm

Saturday, August 3rd 4pm - 8pm

We're currently working on a structure for this year's professional photo sessions. Stay tuned for prices and times.

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