Summer Kitchen


A fresh donut is a great treat at Skelly’s. We make them fresh everyday. Flavors include apple cider, and a rotation of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. Call us 24 hours in advance and place an order for a large quantity!

$.75 each
$4.25/half dozen
Cedar Crest Ice Cream

Skelly’s is now scooping Cedar Crest ice cream. Whether you choose a cone or a dish, we have 8 flavors to satisfy your craving.

$2.50/1 scoop
$3.00/2 scoops
Specialty Soda Floats

Choose your favorite flavor of Gray’s, Sioux City, or Goose Island soda and mix it with delicious Cedar Crest Ice cream.

$3.50 each

These pastries are a great treat and come in a variety of flavors.

$2.00 each

Our muffins come in some unique flavors, such as pistachio, cranberry orange, and butter rum.

$2.00 each

Enjoy a fresh chocolate chip cookie.

$.75 each

*All items and flavors are not always available.
*Prices valid for the 2016 season.