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Fall Season Bakery

  • Pricing is current as of 2022.

  • Due to increasing costs of ingredients, all items are subject to price adjustments.

  • Due to high demand, some items might not be available during peak times. Call the farm for our current inventory.

Homemade Donuts

$1.50 each

$6.50/half dozen


Our apple cider and pumpkin donuts are served daily all season long! If you'd like to place an order, call the farm 24 hours in advance.


Homemade Apple Crisp



An old family recipe passed down to the kitchen at Skelly's. This treat is only available on weekends.

Homemade Caramel Apples

$5.50 each

Made with only the best homemade caramel from Guth's Candy in Waupun, WI. We make them plain, with peanuts or sprinkles. Available only on weekends.


Apple Pie



Huge chunks of apples are in the middle of this treat. Only available on weekends.


$2.50 each


During the fall season, our most popular flavor is apple. Our turnovers also come in cherry and strawberry cheese. These are a high demand item, so if you'd like to place a large order for some, call the farm 24 hours in advance.



$2.50 each


These huge muffins come in pistachio, blueberry, pumpkin, and apple spice flavors in the fall.


$.50 each

$2.50/half dozen


We debuted new cookies in 2022 and they were a huge hit! We now sell white chocolate pumpkin spice cookies and a fan-favorite, caramel apple oatmeal.


Berres Brothers Coffee

$2.25/12oz. hot cup

$2.50/16oz. hot cup

We brew hot coffee daily from Berres Brothers in Watertown, WI. These beans are ground and packaged by High Road Coffee Company in Janesville, WI. Make sure you try our unique flavor of Apple Cider Doughnut and our seasonal favorite, pumpkin.

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