Strawberry Flavor 101

We strive to have the best tasting strawberries. However, there are many factors that affect berry taste, size, and thickness for picking.


A strawberry is not just a strawberry. Just like there are many different breeds of dogs or cats with many different characteristics, each produce item has many different varieties. Some characteristics that can change include size, color, shape, when it ripens, quantity produced, taste, plant difference, hardiness, and many more. Our Wisconsin climate can grow many great tasting varieties.

We grow about six different varieties on our farm. These berries come on at different times so that we can have berries available for about three weeks. Flavor is also a huge factor for our berries. We want to make sure you have good tasting berries no matter what size. We also try to grow varieties that yield well to make your picking as easy as possible. Since varieties are constantly changing, one area of our field might have the best picking one day and the next it might be completely empty. We inspect our fields early every morning to find the best berries for you to pick that day.



As in all farming, the weather affects berries. A lot of sun and heat ripen the berries fast, and cool rainy weather sometimes slows them down. While we wish we could predict how the weather will affect the berries, it is sometimes hard to guess until we can inspect each field. So, just because we have cool weather do not assume that we will not have any berries. Weather conditions can sometimes even affect how individual berries will taste.


Storage Tips

Keep in mind that our strawberries have a much shorter shelf life than the berries in stores that were shipped across the country. However, we have a much better flavor and texture. Here’s some tips to keep your berries fresh:

  • Store berries in a tightly sealed container such as Tupperware in your refrigerator as soon as possible.
  • Do not wash or clean your berries until you are ready to use them.
  • Do not stack berries more than three layers high in a container to prevent squishing.
  • Use berries within three days or less. Our berries are much softer and juicier than berries in the grocery store, but that means they must be eaten quickly.
  • Avoid picking in the heat of the day when possible.