Picking Information

Current Strawberry Status

Updated 6/23/17 @ 6:05 AM

On Friday we will have pick-your-own and pre-picked berries all day. We are approaching the later season of picking. There are still lots of good berries to pick, you just might need to hunt a little harder at this point of the season. The berries still taste great and are generally plentiful. The rain last night was great for our crops and with mulch down in the berry rows it is not really muddy in the fields.

Berry season could last as long as around July 1st, but don’t delay as the best picking for the remainder of the season is NOW! Berry status can always change quickly, so be sure to check back here before coming out.

Our roadside stands are open daily. During berry season we will have four stands at Evansville, Edgerton, Janesville – Milton Avenue, and Janesville Pontiac. Our other stands will return in July when sweet corn season begins. We will be located in all of our same locations as last year except in Roscoe (starting in July) find us 1.5 miles west of our previous location now at Carpet Mill Outlet on Hononegah Road.

Strawberry Season Hours

7 am – 5 pm daily


Pre-Picked Strawberries

Price: $4.75/quart or $27.50 for 6 quarts

We usually have pre-picked berries available every day after about 7:30 am. We pick every morning to ensure fresh, great berries. Berries are not always guaranteed to be available. We do not take orders or pre-payments for berries because it is usually rare that we run out before closing time. You can check on the berry status before coming out by calling the farm (608-757-1200).


Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

Price: $1.75/lb. (1 quart is about 1.5lbs)


We usually have pick-your-own available every day. Our driveway opens at 7 am every day. We supply boxes for you to use, and you will not be charged for the box. These boxes are designed so they zero out with our scales and are made so your berries will keep their excellent quality without getting squished. You do not need to bring your own container, but you are welcome to bring your Skelly box back for your next picking.


If you come to pick-your-own, make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Mornings are usually coolest, but the plants are usually wet from dew or occasionally from an overnight watering. Be sure to bring bug spray in case the mosquitoes decide you are sweet. A bottle of water and a snack may also be a good idea. Our fields are never muddy since we have corn stalks covering our rows, so even if it just rained, our fields will be ready to go.


We do welcome pickers of any age or experience, but we ask that children pick with an adult or enjoy our playground with adult supervision while picking. We charge per pound for pick-your-own, so you can always choose to pick as little or as much as you would like.



*Pricing valid for the 2017 season.