Interested in booking a field trip to our farm this fall? We are the perfect place for schools and daycare groups from September through Halloween! We offer educational pumpkin programs, pumpkin picking, wagon rides, a corn maze adventure, and a delicious snack. Our trips are geared for students in preschool through 4th grade.

*If you are not with a school or daycare (4th grade and under) and are looking for group discount information, please see our groups page for that information.

*Online booking for the 2020 season will be available shortly.


If you have any questions, need special accommodations, or would like to book directly with our staff, call us at 608-757-1200. Learn about all the details below before booking.

Attention Homeschool Students: We are having more homeschool field trip days in 2020! Those specific days are TBD and we will have the dates listed by summer. If you're a homeschool family and you've never been able to take a field trip to Skelly's due to group size minimum requirements, this is for you! Take a field trip to the farm that will include pumpkin school, a wagon ride, a snack and corn maze time. Our trips are best suited for preschool age through 4th grade. Cost is $7/person (child and adult, no cost for infants not walking).

Field Trip Activities

Cost: $7.00/student, $7.00/parent, one staff member free for every 10 students. Minimum cost is $140

Pumpkin Patch: Learn about pumpkins, gourds, and squash as our “Pumpkin Professors” share hands-on knowledge about growing and using these crops. Each student gets to take home a small pumpkin and a gourd. Pumpkin school follows either our ‘Pumpkin Patch Explorer’ program for Kindergarten and younger students or our ‘Junior Farmer Adventure’ for 1st – 4th grade students.

Wagon Ride: Sit back and enjoy Farmer Jack’s Choose-Your-Farm-Adventure Wagon Ride! Listen as Farmer Jack goes on an adventure through our crop fields and make sure you’re ready to interact with our tractor driver.

Corn Maze: Follow the scarecrows through the first half of our adventure maze.

Snack: All students get a mini donut and juice box. All chaperones and staff members get a donut and a cup of hot coffee or cider. Please let us know of any food allergies so we can accommodate those people.

Playground Time: This isn’t an official stop on our field trips, but most schools plan to spend about a half hour afterwards on our playground. Our equipment is all handmade and is very unique! Let your kids run off some of that energy before heading back to classes.

*Pricing valid for the 2020 season

Discounts and Terms

All field trips are welcome to do all four activities while visiting, but some may choose to skip one or two of the activities (for example, daycare groups usually choose to skip the corn maze). See how this compares to our general admission rates:

$9.50 Maze/Wagon Combination Ticket
$2.00 Pumpkin
$0.75 Gourd
$1.00 Donut
$0.75 Juice

Field trip rates are $140 for the first 20 participants and $7 per person afterwards. Groups must be a registered school or daycare 4th grade or younger to receive our school pricing. Smaller groups are welcome to do a self-guided tour at our normal admission rates or pay the $140.

Reservations required for all groups.

Payment does not need to be made in advance but MUST be made upon arrival.

Please note that prices apply for students and adults. Teachers and staff assistants (up to one staff per 10 students) will receive free admission and snack but will not receive a pumpkin.

We can accommodate groups as large as 150 students depending on schedule availability.

To make your reservation, visit our Bookeo page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for the activities?
We charge a flat rate of $7 per student and non-staff adults for groups of 20 or more. If you don’t meet the 20 student minimum, your group will be charged $140 total in order to cover our costs of the field trip.

What type of groups can receive these prices?
School group pricing is only valid for school classes and daycare facilities 4th grade and under attending during normal school hours. Other groups can take advantage of our group discount rates here.

I only have a small class. What is the minimum size for a group?
Our school tour prices start at $140 and cover the first 20 paying participants including children and adults. Groups of less than 20 are welcome to join us at the $140 rate or do a self-guided tour at our general admission prices when activities are available.

We would like to bring our entire school. How many people can we bring at one time?
We encourage large groups to participate in every activity so we can divide your group between the four areas. If you do all four activities, we can accommodate as many as 150 students or more plus some adults. You can also consider breaking your group into a morning and afternoon group or coming on two separate days. If you have a large group, book early so you can find an opening big enough for your group.

How do I schedule a trip?
To schedule a trip, please visit our Bookeo page or call the farm at 608-757-1200. Identify yourself and the school you are with and ask to talk to a Skelly.

What times and dates are available for a trip?
2020 school tours are available Monday-Friday starting mid September through Halloween. Most trips start between 8-9 a.m. or 12-1 p.m. Lunch sessions are available also.

How long will the field trip last?
We recommend having about 20-25 minutes available per activity. Remember when planning your trip to leave time for loading and unloading. Leave extra time if you wish for students to play on the playground.

Can we eat lunch on the farm?
Yes, schools are welcome to have students bring a lunch with them. We do not sell lunch items during the week. If you plan to eat your lunch at the farm, you MUST inform us when you schedule your trip. We kindly ask that your parents and staff help return your lunch area to the way you found it when you arrived.

Can we bring a snack to eat on the farm?
We prefer that you choose our snack option if you would like to have a snack. This option is included in your admission and includes a mini donut and a juice box. Adults receive a donut and a cup of cider or coffee. Our kitchen does produce items with peanuts, but the field trip snacks are not produced with any peanut products. We are happy to provide an apple as an alternative snack for any food allergies concerns.

What will students learn on the field trip?
Students will learn about how pumpkins grow, the history of pumpkins and fall squash, bees and pollination, and some basic techniques for growing produce. Also, you can enhance your students’ learning by using our Maze Master Trivia in the corn maze. You can create your own questions to review or study any topic you choose, or you can choose from our already available topics. This is great for students 2nd grade through college.

How old do students need to be to participate?
Our main target range of students is pre-kindergarten through second grade. The maze does require some walking; however, school groups only go through half of the maze to reduce walking. Most age levels can handle the corn maze. Pumpkin school is adjusted slightly depending on age of the children. All ages love our pumpkin picking, wagon ride, and snack. Our special field trip pricing and programming is available for 4th grade and under students only. For older students and adult groups, please visit our groups page. Please call with questions or ideas to adapt our program for older students.

Is your farm handicap accessible?
Our barn, bathroom, and eating facilities are handicap accessible. The pumpkin patch and maze can handle wheelchairs for those willing to navigate rough ground as long as there is not too much mud. We do not recommend pushing a wheelchair through the maze. The wagon ride picks up on a grassy area but does require four stairs to load.

Can we bring parents and adults along? Is there a charge for adults?
Parents and adults are welcome to come along; however, they must pay the $6 fee.

Can chaperones bring along other children?
Siblings are welcome but will be required to pay also for anyone who is walking age or if they want to receive the snack and pumpkin. When booking you can add these numbers.

Is there anything else to do on the farm besides the paid activities?
There are a bunch of free activities including the playground, obstacle course, rocking animals, pumpkin cornhole, and many more. A lot of groups allow at least a half hour of playtime for students after the field trip is over.

What happens if it rains the day of our trip?
We are open rain or shine. If you think the weather looks too bad to come on the day of your trip, please call our farm early in the morning. We will do our best to help you reschedule, but we typically have a fairly full schedule of trips especially if it is near the end of the season. If the rain looks intermittent, we have accommodated groups underneath our lean-too. Insider Tip: Statistically, the first two weeks of October are warmer weather than the last two weeks and are generally less booked. Booking in late September or early October also gives you more flexibility if you need to reschedule.

What type of parking is available?
We have plenty of parking available for both cars and buses. Parking is free.