Ready to make your question sheet? Create questions for the Adventure Maze (Around the World theme).

Group leaders, let your corn maze adventure take a whole new twist that is customized for your group at Skelly’s! Try Maze Master Trivia. Whether you are bringing a class on a field trip, scout troops on a maze adventure, a church group, a company picnic, or just a big group of family or friends, you can use customized trivia questions that you create to make your adventure extra special. As your group navigates through the corn maze, they can answer multiple choice questions about one of our available topics, or you can create your own questions. If they choose the right answer to a question, they will advance through the maze in the right direction. If they answer incorrectly, they will head for a dead end or in the wrong direction.


Maze Master Trivia is great for groups because you can customize it specifically for your group. Scouts can create questions about Scouting topics (or choose from our many available Scouting questions), church groups can review current topics or just fun Bible trivia, and companies can create questions to make office training more exciting. Just enter 12 multiple choice questions on our website, and hit print to generate your unique maze trivia card. Make enough copies for everyone in your group and bring them with you on your visit.

How it Works for Group Members
  1. As your group members enter the maze, you will pass out their question card complete with twelve questions and answers.

  2. When group members come to each of the numbered checkpoints in the corn maze, they will read the corresponding question on their card. For example, the group members come to checkpoint #1. They will then look at their card and read that question #1 is, “Who was the first president of the United States?” Then, they will look at their answers. “Left: George Washington,  Right: Abraham Lincoln.” If they think it's Abe, they will head to the right and end up in a dead end because their answer was wrong. But if they answer George Washington, they will head to the left and be headed towards checkpoint #2.

  3.  So, correct answers help them navigate the maze, and it can also be a fun way to learn or review questions.

How it Works for the Leader (You)
  1. Creating your question sheet is easy. First, it's probably best to write your questions in a separate document as a backup. Each question will need the question, the correct answer, and up to two incorrect answers.
  2. Once you have your questions, you need to get them to match up with the right way to go in the maze. All you have to do is enter the questions and answers, and the website will set it up for you automatically. To enter your questions, click here. Just enter your questions in the form and click “View Printable Sheet” at the bottom when finished.

  3. If you will be using one of our set of questions from our site, just select from one of the sets of questions instead of entering your own.

Special Note for Teachers

Most field trips only walk through half of the maze due to time constrictions for the field trip. Some groups visit checkpoints 1-6, while others visit 7-12. Due to possible last minute scheduling changes, we cannot guarantee which checkpoints your group will visit. Some larger groups may even be split between both. To give your group the same experience, just enter each question twice: once for questions 1-6 and once for questions 7-12.


Once you have finished entering questions, be sure to to click “View Printable Sheet”. Your question card will automatically generate. Make sure you print your card. Your card does not get sent to us, and we have no way of printing it. You must print or make copies of your card for each group member and bring them with you on your trip.