Our Produce

We grow a variety of different vegetables in the summer. It is our goal to provide quality, delicious produce to all of our customers. Below is a list of all the available produce during our summer months (July-August) along with a couple facts about each item.

*If you are looking for strawberry information, please visit our strawberry flavor 101 page.

*Items listed with the Skelly name next to the title are our products. Other items are shipped in from across the country and are available at our store and roadside stands. These items are not guaranteed to be available daily. Produce is on a supply and demand basis, which means we might not have everything listed on this page available every day. Always call the farm to make sure we have what you’re looking for.


Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries

Available June through September

We always have a fresh supply of these summer favorites on our farm. Unfortunately we don’t grow our own, but that doesn’t mean what we sell isn’t delicious. Normally these fruits are the best in the heart of summer: July and August. By August we start to get Michigan blueberries and they are the best we have ever tasted.

Our family enjoys these fruits in yogurt, smoothies or just as a snack. They are all loaded in antioxidants which are great for your health.


Skelly Cucumbers

Available mid July through late August

Cucumbers are a vine plant that are related to pumpkins and squash. We grow a lot of our own cucumbers, but sometimes we cannot keep up with demand so we do sell other local cucumbers from time to time. Our cucumbers tend to grow on the larger side of average so they are great to use in a salad or as a snack. We don’t grow pickling cucumbers.

The waxy coating present on the outside of the cucumber is naturally occurring to retain freshness and usually cannot be washed off. It is perfectly safe to consume. You can peel the skin off the cucumber but the skin is actually the most nutritious part.


Skelly Green Beans

Available early July through late August

We plant our beans at four different times in the spring and early summer so new plants keep maturing throughout the season. The bean plants are different from most plants because they must be completely dry to harvest. If picked before the morning dew dries they will “rust” or turn a brownish color. When selecting your beans, always look for the firmest pods.

We should always have a supply of green beans on hand, whether they’re ours or other locally grown beans. Occasionally we will have homegrown yellow beans available but our supply is very limited.


Skelly Muskmelon

Available early August through early September

We are very well known for our melons! They are only available for about a month and don’t start to ripen until late summer, but they are worth the wait. Before our melons are available we sell great Indiana muskmelon that are very comparable in flavor. Some people refer to muskmelon as cantaloupe but they are essentially the same fruit. Many people will call a melon a cantaloupe when it is smoother, and they refer to it as a muskmelon when it has deep ridges.

Melons can be one of the harder fruits to select from the shelf because you don’t know what’s inside. If you want a melon to eat same day, select one with yellow rind. If you are waiting to cut it up for a couple days, select one that is a little green. Melons will ripen on your counter. Check to make sure there aren’t any soft spots, but don’t push too hard as you can damage the inside of the fruit.



Available June through September

Since onions are a very labor intensive product that is hard to grow without specialized equipment designed for growing a lot of acres, we get most of our onions from other growers. We offer some great tasting onions, and usually have red, white, and yellow onions available. They are a great addition or side for any summertime meal.


Peaches and Plums

Available June through September

While the list of produce Wisconsin farmers can grow is a long one, peaches are definitely not on that list. Peaches require a climate that we do not have in Wisconsin, but some of our neighbors do such as Michigan and southern Illinois. Our family is a huge peach fan so we are always promoting our best tasting peaches of the summer. Our favorites include peaches shipped from Georgia, Michigan and Missouri. Most of the peaches we sell are firm, so let them sit out on your counter for a couple days before cutting into them. When they turn softer they will be ready to consume.

We generally receive plums from the west coast most of the summer. They are delicious!



Available June through September

Peppers have a very long growing season with a very small yield, so we decided to stop growing our own. We do always carry a great selection of green and red peppers throughout the summer season. Green peppers will eventually turn red if left on the plant too long, so if you find a green pepper with a red spot on it, it’s still safe to consume (just with a slightly hotter flavor).



Available June through September

We get all of our potatoes from other growers because like onions, they are very labor intensive. We always have white and red potatoes available by the three or five pound bag. The potatoes we sell are small so they are a great side dish for any summer meal. Slice them into thin slices, lay flat on a pan, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and bake in the oven. Delicious!


Skelly Summer Squash and Zucchini

Available early July through early September

Zucchini and summer squash are part of the same family and they are always displayed together at our farm. In fact, it can actually be hard to distinguish between the two plants until the fruit starts to form. All of our zucchini and summer squash we sell are homegrown and we usually have a decent supply. Skelly’s is definitely the home of giant zucchini (some can be more than a foot long!) but we also sell smaller, more normal-sized ones. Our family is a huge fan of zucchini bread.


Skelly Sweet Corn

Available mid July through early September

Sweet corn is a focal point for our farm. It is our main crop in the summer months. We raise over 80 acres and it is all hand-picked fresh every morning. Our pickers are trained to tell the difference between a ripe ear and an under ripe ear. We stagger our planting every three days in the spring and early summer so our sweet corn is constantly ripening. While it is rare to find a bad ear of corn, our “Skelly Dozen” includes an extra ear (13) just in case one ear is not up to our high standards. Our Sugar Enhanced varieties are even better tasting than the Super Sweet varieties shipped across the country.

For more information on how we plant, and some cooking, freezing, and storage tips, go to our Skelly sweet corn page.

*Ask us about our wholesale sweet corn pricing and availability. Call the farm for information. 608-757-1200


Skelly Tomatoes

Available end of June through early October

Our tomatoes are a great taste of summer and are one of our most popular products. We grow tomatoes in our hoop houses and outside so we don’t have to wait until mid August for delicious tomatoes. Our tomatoes are planted in the hoop houses right in the ground just like they are outside. Since they are under protection from the frost and we can plant them in March, we have homegrown tomatoes ready by late June. Our tomatoes are different from hydroponic tomatoes (tomatoes planted in a pot and fed special nutrients). Visit our tomato page for more information on how exactly we grow our delicious tomatoes.

Due to the popularity of our tomatoes, we don’t always have a constant supply. We try to supply our home farm and the Janesville Farmers’ Market first before our roadside stands. We don’t normally have green tomatoes available, but they can be ordered only at the farm.


Skelly Watermelon

Available early August through early September

Watermelon are a long season crop, which means Wisconsin doesn’t see homegrown watermelon until early to mid August. Before then we’ll supplement with the second best: Indiana watermelon. Indiana has a warmer climate so their melons are ready before ours and they are delicious! But once our melons start to ripen, be prepared to keep coming back for more. Our most popular melon is the seedless melon, although we do sell seeded as well.

Watermelon can be hard to select from the shelf because you can’t see inside and the outside color doesn’t change. They do ripen at a consistent rate and our fields are taste tested and harvested as a group in order to ensure great flavor.


Notice: All information is for informational purposes only. Any cooking, safety and nutritional information is believed to be true, but should be verified by the user.